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Moehair Protein Infused Conditioner

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Healthy hair is all the feels. With our enriching Protein Infused Conditioner, say goodbye to dull, damaged, weak hair and welcome gorgeous, fuller tresses. Moehair Protein Infused Conditioner deeply moisturizes and nourishes weak, lifeless hair to fortify and rebuild hair strands. Protein Conditioner works wonders for natural and chemically treated damaged scalp and hair, managing your strands' overall health and elasticity. It consists of nutritious plant proteins like Avocado and Sunflower oils that help repair damaged hair with their healing properties. Now hydrate and nourish your hair from roots to tips with Moehair Protein Infused Conditioner.

What it is formulated to do :

• Increases Hydration
• Neutralizes Free-Radicals
• Reduces Frizz and Dullness
• Adds Luster and Shine
• Reduces Breakage & Damage
• Smoothens Split Ends


The Conditioner's protein infusion moisturizes, improves, and strengthens weak, damaged hair. This intensely Deep Conditioner on thick, coarse grey hair can help soften them. It contains Coconut oil and Algae extract that helps bind the moisture within the scalp and hair and repair damaged hair cuticles. Corn and Soy Protein mends broken hair strands and heals split ends. Protein Infused Conditioner's anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce itching and clear dandruff. The fatty Olive oil rich in Omega 3 gives your hair the sheen and smoothness your tresses long for. Moehair Protein Infused Conditioner is a toxin-free blend of Argan Oil, Seed Oil, Wheat, Silk Proteins, Vitamins, and Citric Extract that repairs and deeply moisturizes the hair, leaving it glamorous.

What it is

Protein Infused Conditioner is a nourishing agent formulated to give you glossy hair, smooth out strands, and leave them feeling silky. In addition, it gives hair the moisture they need after a thorough wash. Put simply, the Conditioner restores the moisture balance.
Use this floral peachy-scented Conditioner, made with silk protein, as part of our protein infused routine to help repair hair from the inside out and leave your dry scalp feeling nourished, content, and healthier.

What it does

One of the best Protein Infused Conditioners is a moisturizing agent that gives the hair shine, softens the strands, and leaves them feeling voluminous and, at the same time, manageable. In addition, Protein Infused Conditioner provides the hair with a hydrated and nourished boost after a deep clean. Use the intense nourishing conditioner to restore moisture and leave hair frizz-free.

What it is formulated without

Sulfate, Paraben, and Phosphate free

What else you should know

A refreshing combination of floral scents infused with a mix of healthy proteins for your hair, Moehair Protein Infused Conditioner works best when used with Protein Infused Shampoo. So, you can say goodbye to weak hair and undernourished scalp and welcome healthy tresses. Our conditioner helps soothe itchy scalp and leaves weak hair feeling stronger, softer, and more resilient. It is now packed with natural ingredients, including ginger essential oil, olive oil, argan extracts, and aloe vera goodness.

Detailed Description

Our hair is exposed to environmental, chemical, and styling stressors almost daily. Whether it's heat, styling gear, the surroundings, or an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, the texture and health of our hair are weakened. Our saving grace is a good conditioner infused with organic and natural oils and proteins. Protein Infused Conditioner is a nourishing agent formulated to give you glossy hair, smooth out strands, and leave them feeling silky. In addition, it gives hair the moisture they need after a thorough wash. Put simply, the Conditioner restores the moisture balance.
Moehair's best Protein Conditioner for dull, damaged hair is used after shampoo because shampoo cleans the hair, clears out dirt, oils, and pollution, and the conditioner works as a shield to protect the hair locking in the moisture. Conditioner is like a hair superhero that arrives on the scene just in time. After a good shampoo, hair Protein Conditioner replenishes lost moisture and calms hair fiber.

How to Use

• Pump a moderate amount into the palm after washing the hair with Protein Infused Shampoo.
• Apply Protein Conditioner to damp hair.
• Massage gently in the hair from root to tip.
• Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
• Use regularly for best results.


Aqua (Water), Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Olive Fruit Oil, Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Yellow 5, Parfum (Fragrance)

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Is Moehair cruelty-free?

Moehair does not test its products on animals and uses natural ingredient extracts in its formulation. Please email us at for a list of products that adhere to the standards.

Where is Moehair made?

Moehair is an American company and all its products are formulated in the United States of America.

How many times can one bottle of Protein Infused Conditioner be used?

It depends on the length of your hair. It might run up to 50 washes for shorter hair length, but the number of washes per bottle might decrease for longer hair length.

Can I use the Protein Infused Conditioner every day?

By using shampoo every day, you can use the conditioner daily. However, we recommend 2-3 uses a week.

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