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Is Moehair Cruelty Free?

Moehair does not test its products on animals. We also go to great lengths to ensure that at no point are our products subject to foreign policies that require animal testing. Although many of our products do meet a vegan standard, some of our products, including our keratin treatment, are not made of entirely vegan formulas. For a list of Moehair products that meet vegan guidelines, please contact us at

Where is Moehair made?

Moehair is an American company whose products are made, sourced and formulated in the USA.

How to be an approved Moehair distributor?

Interested in being an approved Moehair distributor? We would love to have you! Contact our Moehair outreach team to discuss your options with us.

Is Moehair international?

Yes, Moehair products are in over 20 countries across the world and are always looking to build new partnerships with innovative like-minded, hair-industry professionals.

What is the benefit of registering as a Moehair insider?

Our Moehair Insiders get exclusive access to our Moehair Insider pricing, specialized content and professional-grade products. Being a Moehair Insider is easy, simply visit our Moehair Insider page and fill out our registration form.

Does Moehair spam my email or sell my information?

Moehair always uses best practices when sending out our newsletter. We schedule our newsletters for 1- 4 times per month, depending on events and exclusive deals. Moehair respects your privacy and will never sell you information to a 3rd party.

Does Moehair sponsor salon professionals?

Moehair is always open to starting new partnerships and we are always looking for new ambassadors for the Moehair brand. Contact our outreach team to discuss partnership opportunities or drop us a dm on social media via Instagram or Facebook @moehairinc