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Moehair Hair Mask

SKU: HM11223
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When your hair needs extra pampering and deep conditioning, Moehair Hair Mask is your one shop stop. Hair Mask is a high-performance calming balm with benefits that are intended to be more intense and nourishing. Moehair Hair Mask offers long-lasting moisture, character, soft hold, blow dryer heat protection, and fantastic shine for styles that will look great and last more than a day. This buttery smoothness is our go-to hair moisturizer.

What it is formulated to do :

• Deep Conditioning
• Repairs Dry Damaged Hair
• Detangles and Adds Shine
• Prevents Split Ends and Hair Breakage
• Leaves Hair Silky Smooth


In contrast to your regular shampoo and conditioner, hair masks can go deeper into the strand to repair damaged hair, making them unique. Hair masks hydrate dry hair and aid in the preservation of color in colored hair. And the latter is not only equated with better hair, but it is also necessary for keeping frizz at bay. Often rich in ingredients with natural oils and antioxidants that are heavier in concentration than conditioners. As a result, it lessens hair breakage, smoothens frizz, increases manageability, and enhances shine. In addition, they are often developed to strengthen, moisturize hair, and improve its overall quality.

What it is

Whether you have curls or straight hair, dry hair, or your highlights look dull, Moehair Hair Mask is the solution — it restores moisture and smoothness and adds luster to your tresses, often in a matter of few minutes. Moehair Hair Mask is no exception when it comes to hair treatment. It is a versatile product for one and all with hair that feels neglected due to pollution or other chemical treatments that hair sustains over time. Moehair Hair mask works on natural textures that become coarse or dry and even flawlessly healthy hair that is seeing a seasonal change in hair health.

What it does

Moehair Hair Mask is a color-safe nourishing treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair, adds shine, tames frizz, detangles, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, enhances the hair’s natural body, and leaves hair silky smooth. Intensive enough to be used as a periodic deep-conditioning treatment.

What it is formulated without

Sulfate, Phosphate, and Paraben free

What else you should know

Due to its intensity, a hair mask should not be used daily, just like you wouldn't with a face mask. Using hair masks to heal all forms of stress and damage to your hair is almost like taking medication. The damage brought on by brushing, teasing, tight ponytails, towel drying, and heat styling may be repaired.

Detailed Description

Hair masks have become essential to many of our hair care routines. They are hair-conditioning treatments that are nourishing, hydrating, and replenishing. Hair Masks are a quick and easy way to add instant moisture to dry strands or to add shine and softness when your hair feels dull and lifeless. They can also be used as a weekly treatment to protect against damage or as an emergency pre-party pick-me-up, instantly restoring your hair to its best condition. Hair masks should be used by every one; even if you don't color or heat style your hair, it can still lose moisture from everyday use. Masks can substantially increase shine, bounce, and condition while preventing further damage. The state of your hair will determine how frequently you use the mask. Masks can be applied once a month or up to every wash, depending on the severity of the damage to the hair, its texture, and its density. Keep in mind that these timings assume that you use conditioner every single time you wash your hair—this is a requirement.

How to Use

Wash with Moehair Protein Infused Shampoo and Conditioner for the most healing results. Towel dry hair, pump Hair Mask generously into the palm of your hand, and apply over the scalp and hair thoroughly, combing through to the ends. Leave product in for 3-15 minutes, ensuring all hair is saturated and coated with a hair mask. Then, rinse and continue the hair regimen as usual.


Aqua (Water), Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Fruit Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Kernal Oil, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Parfum (Fragrance)


I love the smell of this conditioner. It leaves my hair silky and shiny. After using for the past few weeks I have noticed my hair is healthier. It's a little pricey but great price for the quality of the product.

Great scent.

"I started using this after seeing hair end up in my shower drain. After two weeks, I noticed a considerable difference. Not only has my hair fall stalled, but I can see new growth in areas I haven't seen in a long while. I am forever grateful for this product."

Doris C.

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.


"When I decided to go fully blonde silver, it was a big commitment. I would avoid washing it at all costs because I didn't want it to turn orange. Color Vibrant Silver keeps my hair from oranging and helps maintain the silver tone that I love so much.

Pamela C

I like this conditioner. It does a good job on my normal, color treated hair. It seems to absorb well, not much there when I rinse. Scent is not strong. There’s nothing magical about it, but it’s a nice conditioner.


I like this organic jojoba oil. The oil is high-quality and a great value for the price. It's so moisturizing and is wonderful for hair and skin. I would recommend this organic jojoba oil.

Gwen and Drew

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.