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Hair Color Swatch Book

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Find the best match for your hair with a hair color swatch book, exclusively designed with detailed information on the range of permanent and semi-permanent colors. With 90+ shades of permanent hair colors and 10 semi-permanent hair colors, the swatch book provides holistic information about the shades, coverage, and application instructions. It features the convenience of removable pages, allowing salon professionals to consult clients on their color preferences. Each variation is categorically represented on the swatch book, from warm to cool-toned shades.

Key Benefits

• Moehair Swatch Book includes both permanent and semi-permanent hair color shades
• Keratin-infused permanent hair colors with anti-aging technology for silky, shiny results
• Perfectly balanced shade options for complete coverage and modern tone reflection
• The hair color swatch book simplifies color identification with its unique labeling system.

Each color is represented by a combination of a single number and two letters, providing a detailed breakdown of the color nomenclature. The number indicates the level, the first letter indicates the primary tone (75% of pigment), and the second letter indicates the secondary tone (25% of pigment). The hair color swatch book has compiled all the necessary information, from the color wheel to instructions on using the shade, making it a reliable and informative tool for all hair professionals and enthusiasts.


Q1. What is a hair color swatch book?

Professional colorists use a hair color swatch book to determine the natural color of their client's hair and help them choose the desired outcome.

Q2. Why is a swatch book important?

This tool is prominently used for in-salon color consultation. Moehair Swatch Book boasts 90+ shades of permanent color and 10 shades of semi-permanent color to identify gaps in existing hair color and provide holistic information about the different shades.

Q3. How is Moehair Swatch Book unique?

Our swatch book simplifies color identification with its unique labeling system. It features removable pages to precisely understand their client’s color preferences.

Q4. How to understand the color nomenclature of this swatch book?

Each color is represented by a number and two letters, indicating the level, primary tone (75% of pigment), and secondary tone (25% of pigment) respectively.

Q5. Are both cool and warm shades available in this swatch book?

Moehair Swatch Book offers an entire spectrum of cool and warm tones, including both permanent and semi-permanent hair colors.

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