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Moehair Color Alive Conditioner

SKU: MCAC11223
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Moehair Color Alive Conditioner is a fantastic choice for all types of chemically treated, colored, straightened, and bleached hair. Now feel your tresses come alive with exuberance and bid adieu to dull days!

What it is formulated to do :

• Restores Moisture
• Takes care of Split Ends
• Strengthens & Maintains Hair Health
• Maintains a Healthy Scalp
• Locks in Color for Longer
• Seals Cuticles


A duo of proteins gives hair conditioner a defense shield against dryness and breakage while promoting hair's ability to retain moisture and shine. Moehair Color Alive Conditioner works as a cover for your color while preserving the health of your hair. The lightweight product hydrates each hair strand to help in color preservation and forms an outer layer that repairs hair damaged by the color treatment procedure. Vitamin B present in Color Alive Conditioner increases hair volume. Vitamin E assists in reducing inflammation and heals hair follicle damage. Seed oil and Sunflower oil strengthens and conditions the hair. Olive oil repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. Hydrolyzed wheat protein lifts the hair and minimizes porousness in the lengths of the hair shafts by repairing damaged hair follicles. Additionally, Color Alive Conditioner draws in and holds onto the color of the hair.

What it is

Moehair Color Alive Conditioner is a fabulous mix of Ginseng root extract, Avocado extract, Argan extract, and Coconut oil among other revitalizing elements. With the help of rich Algae extract, this color-safe conditioner works to preserve while also promoting healthier-looking hair with more body and shine. It's safe to say it's one of the most demanded conditioners in the hair care industry today- the best conditioner for colored hair!

What it does

Color Alive Conditioner is a gentle conditioner packed with nourishing ingredients that replenish moisture and protein lost due to chemical treatments or sun exposure. Aloe vera and other vital supplements are naturally combined to repair the hair shaft of chemically treated and sun-damaged hair. This color-safe conditioner enhances gloss and manageability. Regular usage fortifies the hair shaft to hold color and curl longer between appointments; it's the best color conditioner.

What it is formulated without

Sulfate-free, Phosphate, and Paraben

What else you should know

This moistening conditioner boosts hair fiber, preserves color, and stops color fading. The rich yet weightless formula makes hair smoother without feeling weighed down and is perfect for fine to medium hair types, making it the best hair conditioner for chemically-treated hair. Your hair will look revitalized and full of life, and you'll love the appealing grapefruit and peach aroma.

Detailed Description

To lock its color and sheen, color-treated hair frequently needs additional maintenance. The Moehair Color Alive Conditioner is vital for maintaining the health of colored hair and repairing hair damage. For up to 9 weeks*, this product carries a salon color-alive look. A Gentle conditioner that gives additional shine and vibrancy of color while leaving hair soft and detangled. Hair conditioners help revive frizzy hair by adding extra nourishment, hydration, and moisturization to hair fibers. Moehair Color Conditioner completely nourishes hair from root to tip, transforming dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair into soft and lustrous. The lightweight texture of this conditioner for frizzy hair leaves hair feeling sparkly.

How to Use

• Apply Color Alive Conditioner after washing hair with for best results.
• Pump medium amount into hand.
• Work into hair from scalp to tip, focusing on split ends.
• Part hair into quarters and use fingers to comb conditioner thoroughly through hair.
• Massage product towards ends and let it sit for 3 minutes for ultimate protection and shine.


Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Parfum (Fragrance)


I love the smell of this conditioner. It leaves my hair silky and shiny. After using for the past few weeks I have noticed my hair is healthier. It's a little pricey but great price for the quality of the product.

Great scent.

"I started using this after seeing hair end up in my shower drain. After two weeks, I noticed a considerable difference. Not only has my hair fall stalled, but I can see new growth in areas I haven't seen in a long while. I am forever grateful for this product."

Doris C.

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.


"When I decided to go fully blonde silver, it was a big commitment. I would avoid washing it at all costs because I didn't want it to turn orange. Color Vibrant Silver keeps my hair from oranging and helps maintain the silver tone that I love so much.

Pamela C

I like this conditioner. It does a good job on my normal, color treated hair. It seems to absorb well, not much there when I rinse. Scent is not strong. There’s nothing magical about it, but it’s a nice conditioner.


I like this organic jojoba oil. The oil is high-quality and a great value for the price. It's so moisturizing and is wonderful for hair and skin. I would recommend this organic jojoba oil.

Gwen and Drew

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.