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mane due to the combination of powerful ingredients such as Keratin and Amino acids. Keratin Treatment is suitable for all hair types and the result is restored hair that has been treated from the inside of the hair fiber. This intensive treatment promotes hair repair, reduces volume, and eliminates frizz while nourishing, restoring, and providing shine and softness.

How to Apply

Shampoo with Moehair Clarifying shampoo (1-3 shampoos) to remove any buildup on hair.
Blow dry hair 100%, Measure 1-2 ounces into a nonmetallic bowl.
Section hair into four sections, use nonmetallic clips. Start at nape area using 1⁄4-1/2” subsections.

Apply HAIR REPAIR 1⁄4-1/2 away from scalp, working down to ends of hair. At the end of every section comb hair with a nonmetallic comb for even distribution
Complete entire head. Blow dry hair with large round brush or flat paddle brush using medium tension to smooth/straighten hair.
Re section head into four sections, use desired or natural part.

Heat flatiron from 410-450* will vary depending hair texture*
Sub section starting at nape area 1⁄4-1/2 sub sections.
Bump base 2-4 times with flat iron
Using a comb followed by flatiron, work from 1⁄4- 1⁄2 inch away from base pass flatiron to ends, doing this from 7-12 times in every subsection. * Will vary depending upon density*
Complete entire head using flat iron
Shampoo with Moehair Shampoo and Conditioner.
Towel dry and style as normal use Moehair Serum
Results can last at least 3-6 months using MOEHAIR SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO

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