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RR Mix Red Hair Color

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Color your tresses in the most natural shades with Moehair Color Series— a mind-blowing range of spectacular shades that elevate the natural tone of your hair. Highlights, Lowlights, Balayage, and Ombre styles have never been more accessible. Instil the vibrance of intense colors on your hair with Moehair Color Series RR Mix (Red) Be-you-tifully bold!  

What it is formulated to do 

• Long-Lasting Color 
• Infused with the Goodness of Keratin 
• Makes Hair Shiny  
• Smoothens and Nourishes 
• Excellent Gray Coverage 


The Moehair Color series provides rich, long-lasting color that protects and nourishes your mane. The Hair Color shades blend beautifully and evenly to give your hair a shade that is not only color-vibrant but also provides 100% grey hair coverage. The Color Series is refinely formulated to make hair feel soft and silky to touch. Its non-drip and easy-to-apply creamy formula saves you from the hassles of a salon appointment when you are in a hurry. These hair colors are infused with Keratin which nourishes your hair and leaves your strands soft, silky, and shiny while boosting your hair color upon application. Moehair hair colors are stylish and sophisticated, allowing you to always be in vogue without compromising on your hair health and elasticity. 

What it is

Permanent hair color, as the name implies, is a long-lasting hair color that stays on your hair until it grows out or you get a root touch-up. Moehair Color Series RR Mix (Red) infuses your mane in the most luxurious shades. This hair color is formulated in a silky-smooth, creamy consistency that is drip-free and easy to apply even at home.   

What it does

The Moehair Permanent hair color gives you makeover without the hassles and damage related consequences caused by regular dying of hair. The Moehair Permanent hair color helps you lighten, darken and change the tone of your hair in your desired colors. The long-lasting hair color lasts brilliantly for months and can be maintained and revived with a root touch up. This hair color provides a super shiny, luminous, and long-lasting color effect. With its high-quality composition, the Moehair Permanent Hair Color stays fade-proof and damage free.

What it is formulated without


What else you should know

This premium hair color which is perfect for Salon professionals is infused with the goodness of Keratin that smoothens the hair and makes it silky soft, and shiny.  

Detailed Description

The Moehair permanent hair color interacts with your hair's natural pigment and alters its structure without affecting the hair strands. The permanent hair color dyes are tiny colorless molecules helping easy color deposit. They penetrate the hair cuticle and create magic when they are combined with hydrogen peroxide and create a chemical reaction known as oxidation. Permanent hair color molecules become complex through oxidation and can embed themselves in the structure of the hair fiber. The result is what we call permanent hair color, or hair color that can withstand multiple washes. When applying permanent hair colors, it is important to take into consideration your hair type for proper results. Coarser hair, which has a larger diameter, takes longer to absorb color, whereas finer hair may absorb color more quickly. Since several factors influence timing, a strand test is required to estimate coloring time for future application.

How to Use

• Mix the Permanent Hair Color with Moehair Developer, as indicated on the package.
• In a non-metallic container, mix 1 part Moehair Color of your choice+ one and a half part Moehair Developer.
• Formula (1+1 ½). In the super lightning series, mix 1 part of Moehair Color plus two and a half parts of the developer formula (1 +2 ½).
• Wear gloves while mixing and applying color.
• Apply the color on dry, non-greasy hair. 
• Let the color process for 60 minutes.
• Rinse off with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.


• Apply the desired formula to the new growth and process for 30 minutes.
• To obtain a uniform coloring from roots to ends, prepare a second formula with the desired color and a lower volume developer (10 or 5 vol), to make a deposit of color.
• Processing time 10 minutes. 


Vitamin C Vitamin E,  Argan/Macadamia/Cotton Oils, Keratin, Aloe Vera, Silk proteins ,Sericin


Q1. Is this coloring creme safe for use at home?

Ans- Moehair coloring cream is a professional-grade product. Before using it at home, it is best to seek advice from an experienced hairstylist.

Q2. What is the total processing time of this product?

Ans- The processing time of our coloring creams ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the desired saturation and hair type.

Q3. Which developer should you use with this coloring cream?

Ans- Use Moehair Hair Color Developer with this coloring cream for the best results.

Q4. What is the mixing ratio of this coloring creme to Moehair Color Developer?

Ans- The ideal mixing ratio of coloring cream to developer is 1:1.5. However, it may vary depending on the desired result.

Q5. Is Moehair coloring cream cruelty-free?

Ans- Moehair offers 100% cruelty-free products. Thus, our coloring creams are not tested on animals.

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