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Pack of Color Infuse Blonde and Color Vibrant Blonde Shampoo with Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Mask

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Your luminous blonde hair deserves exceptional care to stay vibrant all year long. Our color-protect combo is the one-stop solution for brassy blondes. It contains Moehair Color Infuse Blonde for professional-grade toning, Color Vibrant Blonde Shampoo for a cleansing and hydrating ritual, and Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Mask for brass-free shine. Indulge in the goodness of our explicit combo, which is safe, gentle, and easy to use at home. Treat your colored strands to blonde shampoo and fade-proof using violet hair mask. Shake hands with blonde hair toner and use it twice monthly for long-lasting gloss.

• Eliminates brassiness and prevents fading
• Neutralizes undesired yellow tones
• Prevents dullness, dryness, and damage
• Enhances color vibrancy, luster, and shine
• Cleanses, hydrates, and nourishes the mane
• Fights against breakage, split ends, and frizz


The advanced color-safe combo is infused with purple pigments. It uses color-deposition technology to cancel out orange and yellow undertones while enhancing overall texture. Its innovative formulations delay fading and restore a harmonious shade with regular use. Opt for blonde hair toner for salon-grade toning sessions at home. It fixes the color for imperfections and boosts sheen, luster, and overall appearance. Bid farewell to warm undertones and switch to blonde shampoo for regular cleansing. It preserves all shades of blonde and makes hair manageable. Moreover, the unique fermentoil complex of violet hair mask deeply nourishes each strand, brightening your gorgeous locks.

Detailed Description

Get ready to transform your dull and brassy hair into beaming blonde with our exclusive color-enhancing trio. It boasts a blend of essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural emollients that deliver nutrients and moisture to your color-treated tresses. Visibly brighten hues with blonde shampoo and tone down the warm tinge using our specialized toning expert. The duo keeps your stunning hair color fresh and glossy between salon appointments. As your color-fired-up strands lose moisture with everyday wear and tear, they may appear parched and damaged. Invest in rejuvenating therapy with violet hair mask and breathe life into lackluster tresses. It not only hydrates but also seals in color and moisture.

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Q1. Are the products of this combo safe for colored hair?

Yes, all three products are explicitly curated for color-treated strands. The combo is gentle on hair and safe for use.

Q2. Can you apply violet hair mask without shampooing?

Washing hair with shampoo eliminates impurities, allowing the mask's components to penetrate fully. Thus, it is best to shampoo before using violet hair mask.

Q3. What is the difference between blonde shampoo and blonde hair toner?

While the blonde shampoo cleanses color-treated hair and boosts its shine and vibrancy, our blonde hair toner is a salon-grade color corrector that restores tone imperfections.

Q4. How do purple pigments neutralize brass in blonde hair?

Purple lies exactly opposite to yellow on the color wheel. This is why purple pigments cancel out warm undertones in blonde hair.

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