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Moehair Professional 1.5” Hair Straightener

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Moehair professional hair straightener is powered by Ionic Technology, which generates negative ions to eliminate static and combat frizz. The floating Nano Titanium Plates with Ceramic Tourmaline Technology enable smooth gliding. Use the professional flat iron to style your client’s hair and elevate your styling expertise.


With innovative features, it is one of the best professional flat irons your clients will love. The ergonomically designed straightener with its advanced features ensures safe styling.
• Suitable for straightening, curling, or flipping hair
• Excellent for sealing chemical treatments like keratin, hair botox, etc.
• Leaves hair smooth, silky, and soft without the frizz
• Reduces friction between hair and ensures smooth gliding

Detailed Description

The high-performing and ergonomically designed Moehair flat iron helps with safe styling. Get frizz-free shiny hair with an even distribution of heat. It is a salon-grade professional flat iron that allows you to straighten, curl, and flip hair. Try effortless styling of your client’s hair using the superiorly designed product.

• Ionic Technology – Powered by innovative technology, it releases charged negative ions that eliminate static electricity. As a result, it smoothes hair cuticles and removes frizz.
• Floating Nano-Titanium Plates – Constructed with 1 ½ “(32mm) Nano Titanium Floating Plates, they reduce pressure on the hair, minimize friction, and ensure smooth gliding without breakage.
• Ceramic Tourmaline Technology—The Ceramic Tourmaline plates emits negative ions that counteract positive ions on strands. This helps fight frizz and leaves hair smooth and shiny.
• Adjustable Temperature – The salon-grade flat iron has an adjustable temperature range from 122 – 470 ° F. The LED temperature display shows the operating temperature.
• Functional cord – The 360° swivel cord rotates for maximum flexibility and prevents unnecessary tangles. The 2.8 mm cord ensures hassle-free connectivity.
• Safe features—The professional hair straightener has an auto shut-off mode that turns off when it is not used for an hour.
• Voltage—The voltage range is 110 – 240V/50 – 60Hz, and the power range is 45 – 150W.

How to Use

• Divide the hair into sections and clip each of it to segregate. This ensures an even and uniform distribution of heat.
• Plug the Moehair Hair Straightener into the electricity source and select the appropriate temperature. Adjust the setting as needed.
• Clamp the professional straightener on a small hair section close to the roots and slowly glide down at a 45-degree angle. Repeat the steps as needed.
• Repeat the process on sections of hair.
The professional flat iron can be used for styling and heat-sealing chemical treatments, such as keratin, hair botox, re-bonding, etc.

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Is Moehair Professional Hair Straightener salon-grade?

Moehair Professional Hair Straightener is a salon-grade product designed for hairstylists and hairdressers.

Can curling or straightening damage hair?

Heat styling can damage hair, so it is crucial to spray heat protectant first. The spray creates a barrier between hair and heat that minimizes damage from heat. Also, adjusting the temperature is crucial to prevent subjecting strands to excess heat.

Does Moehair Professional Flat Iron come with a rotating cord?

Yes, it comes with a 360°rotating swivel cord that increases the flexibility and ease of use.

What technology is used in Moehair Hair Straightener?

It is equipped with Ceramic Tourmaline Plates that work on ionic technology. This technology emits negative ions to balance positive ions, eliminating static electricity and frizz. Also, it has floating Nano-Titanium plates for ease of gliding.

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