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Moehair Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo

SKU: MCVS112233
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When silver hair is lightened or becomes grey, its warm undertones are revealed, giving the color an unflattering yellow tint. Silver Shampoo is designed to maintain vibrancy in grey or silver hair. It is relevant for both colored and naturally grey hair. So, between salon visits, eliminate brassy tones and keep your beautiful blonde or silver color with our purple-pigmented color-rich silver shampoo. With Moehair Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo, you can treat yourself to a salon-quality wash at home. Get flawless hair right now, every day, without spending a dime.

What it is formulated to do :

• Gently Cleanses
• Visibly Brightens
• Neutralizes Brassiness
• Deposits No Greasy Residue
• Protects against Styling Damage
• Deeply Hydrates


After every at-home wash, professionally colored silver-blonde hair starts to deteriorate from the salon-treated hair's professional freshness due to fading, oxidation, and brassiness. Silver-blonde hair that has undergone color treatment loses vitality over time. Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo stops this fading and balances the strong brassiness and orange tones associated with it. The anti-yellow agent in the best Silver Shampoo helps you maintain long-lasting hair color by defusing strong yellow undertones in your grey, silver, or artificially blonde hair. Additionally, conditioning, nourishing, and safeguarding the hair fiber. Now you can maintain salon-fresh color by using it frequently.

What it is

Purple pigments are added to the hair while cleaning with Vibrant Silver Shampoo. It has a unique color-correcting formula that keeps the cool undertones in your hair. This shampoo can renew your silver hair and eliminate brassiness and orange tones. In addition, it makes the hair more vibrant and protects it from harm from the outside.

What it does

This protein-enriched shampoo will give you glossy, lovely hair while improving color. It removes yellowness and dulls the brassiness of silver or grey hair. Moehair Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo preserves excellent ash-toned hair color and revitalizes highlighted hair when used frequently. It thoroughly cleans your hair and gives it a glossy, healthy appearance.

What it is formulated without

Sulfate and Paraben.

What else you should know

Your hair and scalp are shielded from daily oxidation and pollution by Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo, which also removes excess oil and pollutants. It can be used twice or thrice weekly to eliminate undesirable buildup on your scalp.

Detailed Description

Natural dark brunette hair turned silver naturally or chemically can be neutralized using Moehair Vibrant Silver Shampoo. Our shampoo is a protein-enriched, color-enhancing toning shampoo that cools down warm orange-yellow tones and maintains and refreshes faded silver and highlighted hair. Natural grey hair tends to get a yellow tint from exposure to environmental factors like wind, rain, and pollution, which is why silver shampoo is ideal for them. The Vibrant Silver Shampoo can strengthen the hair fibers and assist in removing this brassy color, making your hair livelier than ever before. The silver neutralizing shampoo is the ideal mild treatment to give your hair smoothness and shine. It highlights naturally grey hair and balances any yellow undertones thanks to its formulation's violet and blue pigments. Tea extract and UV filters in these shampoos fight against the fading and dulling of your silver color. Preventing further hair damage while repairing, shielding, and adding luster to your mane.

How to Use

1. Pump a medium amount of Vibrant Silver Shampoo into your palm.
 2. Massage it onto a wet scalp for 3-5 minutes. 
3. Comb through the tips of your hair and lather into the nape of the neck. 
4. Rinse thoroughly for the best results. 


Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Basic Violet 1, Basic Blue 99, Basic Blue 77, Extra Violet 2, Yellow 5, Red 33, Parfum (Fragrance)


I love the smell of this conditioner. It leaves my hair silky and shiny. After using for the past few weeks I have noticed my hair is healthier. It's a little pricey but great price for the quality of the product.

Great scent.

"I started using this after seeing hair end up in my shower drain. After two weeks, I noticed a considerable difference. Not only has my hair fall stalled, but I can see new growth in areas I haven't seen in a long while. I am forever grateful for this product."

Doris C.

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.


"When I decided to go fully blonde silver, it was a big commitment. I would avoid washing it at all costs because I didn't want it to turn orange. Color Vibrant Silver keeps my hair from oranging and helps maintain the silver tone that I love so much.

Pamela C

I like this conditioner. It does a good job on my normal, color treated hair. It seems to absorb well, not much there when I rinse. Scent is not strong. There’s nothing magical about it, but it’s a nice conditioner.


I like this organic jojoba oil. The oil is high-quality and a great value for the price. It's so moisturizing and is wonderful for hair and skin. I would recommend this organic jojoba oil.

Gwen and Drew

While jojoba oil can be used on its own, I have been using this oil to make my own bath salts. I combine Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba oil, and essential oils to create the perfect relaxing bath! This jojoba oil doesn't have a lot of scent on its own, so it pairs really well with essential oils.