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Mini Moeplex Bond

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Moeplex Bond is an innovative smoothening treatment that helps you color your hair without fearing its harmful effects. It uses an advanced hair bonding technology that coats the strands and creates a protective barrier against color-induced damage. It is used as a color additive, shielding the mane against harmful chemicals and coloring agents. Plus, it improves the efficacy of the coloring process by repairing broken hair bonds. Strengthen keratin chains, smoothen cuticles, and damage-proof your tresses with the innovative formulation of Moeplex Bond.


Say goodbye to bad hair days and get ready to flaunt your healthy-looking strands with Moeplex. The hair bonding formula is carefully crafted for dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. It is the one-stop solution to all your hair woes. Mix it with hair color or lightener to maximize lift, as it improves the saturation of dye molecules and allows for proper absorption. It works at a molecular level by repairing broken disulfide bonds and breathes life into your limp, damaged hair. Additionally, it protects hair from damage caused by heat, chemicals, and environmental stressors and enhances hair elasticity, making it less prone to damage.

What it is

Moeplex hair bond is an innovative hair strengthener that intensely repairs, rejuvenates, and nourishes the mane. It tames frizz by re-linking broken disulfide bonds. The product delivers the much-needed nourishment and reparative moisture to the strands. Treat your tresses to the goodness of sericin, linseed, and provitamin B5, and safeguard natural hair fiber and structure while the color is being processed. It can also be used without color and developer – as a hair smoothing treatment. For best results, use Moeplex Bond and Seal in tandem.

What it does

Factors like brushing, changing weather conditions, heat styling, exposure to UV rays, and color treatments disrupt the natural strength of the strands. This weakens or breaks hair bonds, one of the primary reasons for frizzy and damaged hair. Our high-performing bond is a blend of potent ingredients that prevent hair weakening, breakage, and split ends. It reconstructs the hair structure, allows for easier detangling, and makes coloring or chemical treatments effortless. It deeply penetrates to boost the effectiveness and longevity of the coloring or lightening process. The bond-building treatment adds a glossy texture to the mane without weighing it down.

What it is formulated without


What else you should know

Moeplex hair bond offers a restorative treatment that works equally well on all hair types. It can be used with or without color and developer. Be assured that it is a professional-grade product. It is best to take advice from an experienced hairstylist before using it at home.

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What is the primary purpose of Moeplex Bond?

The hair bonding treatment repairs the broken hair bonds and creates a protective layer over hair follicles. This helps restore damaged hair, reduce breakage, and smoothen strands.

Can Moeplex Bond be used as a standalone product?

No, Moeplex Bond is used as a part of a two-part treatment. After treating hair with Moeplex Bond, it should be followed with Moeplex Seal to maximize hydration, seal the treatment, and balance the pH.

Can it be used as a regular smoothening treatment?

Moeplex Bond can be used as a regular smoothening treatment, followed by Moeplex Seal.

Is Moeplex Bond a professional product?

Yes, it is a salon-grade hair bond treatment for professionals only.

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