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What it is:

A revolutionary bonding system that is necessary when a hair color /lightening service are performed.

It is a two-part bonding system that has been developed to strengthen the internal inside of the hair strand during chemical services.

During chemical services the hair bonds are compromised, MOEPLEX works by searching for hydrogen and sulphur bonds attaching them to form disulphuric bonds which protect inside the hair during bleaching and hair coloring process and also lowers the hair PH.

Our Seal is used to return the PH of hair back to a normal level whilst leaving the hair feeling silky.

How to Apply:

MOEPLEX is applied directly into a non-metallic bowl with already thoroughly mixed bleach or hair color formulation.

The correct usage of MOEPLEX is as follows: HAIR COLOR

  • 30 g OR 1 oz BLEACH POWDER 60 ml DEVELOPER, ADD 7.5 ml MOEPLEX
  • 30 g or 1oz HAIR COLOR 45 g or 1.5 oz DEVELOPER, ADD 2.4 ml MOEPLEX

Apply Seal at shampoo bowl, leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse.

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