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Coloring your tresses is surely the best way to amp up your look and vibe. While investing in a professional permanent hair color treatment for the first time might feel unsettling for several hair enthusiasts, this immensely fun and exciting process shouldn’t be daunting when you have the best quality colors to paint your lengths!

Permanent hair color interacts with your hair's natural pigment and alters the structure of your hair. The dyes in permanent hair color are actually tiny colorless molecules that penetrate the hair cuticle with the help of ammonia, but the magic happens when they combine with hydrogen peroxide and cause a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The permanent hair color molecules become complex through oxidation and can embed themselves in the structure of the hair fiber. The result is what we call permanent hair color, or hair color that can withstand multiple washes. Since permanent hair color sits on the hair longer and opens up the cuticle it alters the hair structure. The effects of permanent hair dyes on hair strength and elasticity is a relevant concern, but permanent hair color and extreme damage don't go hand in hand when left to a professional. Your hair will still look and feel great after a professional permanent hair color service!

A subtle color in your hair can make it appear thicker than it is. When you color your hair, the strands expand, giving it an illusion of thickness. Colors coat your hair and thus even if your hair is weak or slightly damaged, permanent hair color can help to strengthen it. After coloring their hair, many women visibly notice that their strands have more texture and character.

Moehair Permanent Hair Color Series is a brilliant way to instill the vibrance of permanent hair color in your luscious lengths. It is a mind-blowing range of spectacular shades that elevate the natural tone of your hair and makes Highlights, Lowlights, Balayage, and Ombre styles easier than ever.

 Rich, long-lasting color that safeguards and nourishes your mane is offered by the Moehair NN Color line. The tones of the permanent hair color combine flawlessly and evenly to give your hair a shade that is not only brilliant in color but also completely covers grey hair. The NN Color Series makes hair feel smooth and soft to the touch due to its precisely tuned formulation. When you're in a hurry, you may avoid the inconveniences of a salon visit thanks to its non-drip and simple-to-apply creamy composition. The keratin in the NN series hair dyes nourishes your hair, leaving your strands soft, silky, and shining while enhancing your hair color as soon as you apply it. You can always be in style with the Moehair NN Series hair colors without sacrificing the quality of your natural hair.

NN Color Series brings you five sophisticated and chic natural colors that let you stay in vogue in the most luxurious shades of blonde and brown! This long-lasting hair color may be maintained and rejuvenated with a root touch-up and lasts brilliantly for months. The extremely lustrous, brilliant, and long-lasting color impact is produced by the stunning NN shades— 5NN, 6NN, 7NN, 8NN, and 9NN. Moehair Permanent Hair Color is made of high-quality ingredients and is fade- and damage-proof.

Oh-so glamorous blondes and browns are now yours to flaunt, with Moehair Color NN series— Be-you-tifully bold!

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