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From iconic red carpet looks to unforgettable fictional characters, Blondes have made heads turn with their bold statements. Blonde hair has long been a representation of splendor and beauty in Hollywood. Many celebrities have been gracing magazine covers and the red carpet with their golden locks for years. But in recent times, there has been a noticeable shift in this trend. More and more celebrities are ditching their blonde hair for a darker, sultrier look— to evolve into bedazzling brunettes.

This change can be interpreted as a mirror of Hollywood's evolving beauty standards. Hollywood’s Blonde Era has come to a pause with stylists and stars loving warmer, richer, and natural-looking tones. One of the reasons why browns might be coming back to trend is the increasing priority for hair health. Natural browns often don’t require pre-lightening and are much easier to maintain than blonde hair colors which require frequent root touch-ups. Warmer tones like brown also make your hair appear healthier and thicker and hence making it a more likable choice for many.

From liquid browns to rich browns, the cocoa shades are surely the color of the season and are here to stay! Here are Five Hollywood Stars who made the switch from their classic blondes to sultry brunettes!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a well-known example of a star who went from blonde to brunette. In films like "Easy A" and "The Amazing Spider-Man," Emma first rose to stardom as a blonde. Nonetheless, she has chosen a darker hair color in more recent years. Emma made the change gradually, experimenting with reddish-brown tones first before deciding on a rich chocolate brown. Several of her fans have praised her for the new look, and her new hair color has been favorably accepted. No surprises here, but she was born for the browns!

Margot Robbie

Margot first became well-known for her role as "The Wolf of Wall Street's" blonde bombshell. She has subsequently tried a variety of various hair colors, though, and has finally decided on a deep brown tint.

Sydney Sweeney

The star from the hit series ‘Euphoria’ certainly had stunning blonde hair that would make everyone stop and stare. Euphoria’s Cassie Howard has now however transitioned into a rich warm brunette ditching her barbie blonde hair for good.

Scarlett Johansson

Another celebrity who has made the switch is Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett has always been known for her blonde hair, but in recent years, she has been seen sporting a darker, more natural shade. The new look has given Scarlett a more mature and sophisticated appearance, and it seems to be a hit with fans.

Bella Hadid

It is hardly surprising that Bella has naturally blonde hair given that her mother Yolanda and sister Gigi also have blonde hair. Bella transitioned her darker hair as she started the modelling business.


In an interview with Allure Magazine Bella added that her brown hair complements her deeper, more distinct personality than her sister’s. “I just have a darker personality. And my sister being blonde and me being brunette, it’s good separation,” she revealed.

Hailey Beiber

The model has officially bid her flaxen roots farewell. Beiber famously used to wear a sun-kissed shade of beachy blonde, complete with lighter ends and money pieces that elegantly flattered her face. Her natural color, a chocolaty shade of brown, has now taken its place.

So why are celebrities going from blonde to brunette? It could be the result of evolving beauty standards, for example. Hollywood has been pushed to be more diverse recently, and women of many racial backgrounds and body kinds are being praised. This trend, which deviates from the conventional ideal of beauty, can be seen in the rise of brown hair colors.

Blonde hair has traditionally been associated with soft femininity. By switching to rich browns, celebrities are adopting more broody, darker, and empowering looks. They are smart, talented, and complex individuals with depth and substance. There is no doubt that coffee hair is having a moment in Hollywood, regardless of the cause of the fad. More and more celebrities, including Bella Hadid and Emma Stone, are eschewing their blonde hair in favor of a darker, more sophisticated style. It remains to be seen whether this trend will last or if blonde hair will make a comeback in the future. But for now, it seems that browns are ruling the town.

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